Final matches of the PPO Futsal League SVČ Znojmo 2022/2023.

Throughout the season, the winners of the regular phase secured their spots in the final day: ZŠ Tasovice (younger category), ZŠ Mládeže (older category), and also ZŠ Náměstí Republiky, which finished second in both categories for advancement. The subsequent semifinals brought ZŠ JUDr. Josefa Mareše and ZŠ Prosiměřice into the final tournament in the younger category. In the older category, ZŠ Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou and ZŠ Tasovice made it to the final.

The final tournament commenced with the semifinal matches. The first gripping match was played between ZŠ Tasovice and ZŠ Mareše. The score swung back and forth, culminating in a penalty shootout. The prowess in this skill favored "Mareše," who, with a victory over the top team, savored the joy of advancing to the final. Their opponent was determined by another match in the younger category, where "Republika" prevailed over Prosiměřice with a 5-2 win. Tasovice and Prosiměřice then contended for third place.

The semifinal of the older category had a calmer progression. In the first match, the favorite, ZŠ Mládeže, safely secured advancement by not allowing a single goal from their opponents from Hrušovany and winning 6-0. The second semifinal promised a more balanced spectacle. Tasovice managed to surprise the slight favorite, ZŠ Náměstí Republiky, with a 4-1 score, restoring their spirits from the lost semifinal in the younger category.

The matches for medals followed. First, Tasovice didn't give Prosiměřice a chance in the younger category and secured bronze with a 4-0 victory. In the older category, Hrušovany's players also reached for the medals. In the bronze match, they displayed a fighting performance and defeated the strong "Republika" with a score of 4-2.

The last two matches determined who would lift the beautiful trophy for the league champion in both categories. In the younger category, "Mareška" aimed to defend last year's title, but "Republika" managed to win a dramatic match 2-1 and claim the trophy for themselves this year. In the older category final, Tasovice bravely resisted "Mládežka." Over time, the boys from ZŠ Mládeže showcased their quality and, after a 6-2 victory, could celebrate their title triumph in this category, repeating last year's success.